Yes! We did it!

Last Updated 2020/07/13

At the library’s AGM in February, Richard Caspersen pledged to match $5000 of donations to the library received before December 31, 2020. To our great joy, we have already received more than $5000 in donations since Richard made his commitment. Board Chair Anne Rayner-Gould and Richard celebrated at the Heritage Credit Union by bumping elbows

How to place an online hold

Last Updated 2020/06/13

· Start at the library website: · In the upper right corner of the home page. you’ll find the initial search box. · Type in your selection and click Search to see if we have the item. If we do, you may place a hold on it by clicking “Place Hold” beside the item.

Library Takeout @ Greenwood Public Library

Last Updated 2020/06/11

As of Monday, June 15th, the Greenwood Public Library is offering curbside takeout. Pickup times will be scheduled on Mondays and Fridays between 1 and 4 pm. How does it work? · Use the online catalogue to place holds on the items you’d like to borrow ( or · Phone and leave a message anytime

BC Stats, Clicklaw, and World Book Encyclopedia

Last Updated 2020/05/27

British Columbia Statistics  Interested in finding BC specific statistics? This database is the place to search for Statistics on population, business, the economy, labour and society.  Check it out by: 1. Starting at the Greenwood Public Library website 2. Click on Research (green menu bar) 3. Click on Complete List of Databases A-Z 4.

Library Quilt on Etsy

Last Updated 2020/05/20

Never had your name drawn for the library quilt draw? Well, now you can eliminate the competition and buy direct!   Every year, Greenwood Library quilters create two raffle quilts and a book bag to raise funds for the library. This year, we can’t hold the raffle, since most of our usual venues aren’t available


Last Updated 2020/05/11

Quick guide to E-audiobooks Start at the library website: 1.Click on Download digital Media (green bar in the catalogue search box near the top left) 2. Choose and click RB Digital, search for audiobooks through the Library To Go website. 3. When you find a book, click on its cover and then “Borrow”. 4.

How to access RB Digital Magazines

Last Updated 2020/05/11

Did you know there are 100’s of digital magazines available through your library?…/service/magazines/landing… HOW TO ACCESS RB DIGITAL MAGAZINES: 1. The first time you access RB Digital, you’ll need to create an account. Click the “Create New Account” link found at the top right of the RB Digital website. 2. Enter in your library

Databases: BC Laws, Business Plan Handbooks, Khan Acedemy

Last Updated 2020/05/11

BC Laws Ever wondered about what a particular BC law is? Curious to find out more? You can look up BC laws on everything from marriage, tenant rights and wills. This Database also has information about Bills, Act/Minister’s responsibilities and so much more! Check it out by: 1.     Going to the Greenwood Public Library website


Last Updated 2020/04/17

On March 17 we reluctantly decided to close the library. Being a community hub made us a potential hot spot for virus transmission. We continue to monitor the situation and will reopen as soon as possible. In the meantime here are some: RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: Message from Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to kids

Do you need a library card?

Last Updated 2020/04/17

“Due to the COVID-19 virus and the current closure of the library, we are providing online registration to access our digital resources. If you are a Greenwood resident you can now become a library card holder by registering through our online form. Each person can register for one active library card. Please note that this